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Welcome! I'm Anna!

I love using relationships to share

the hope & freedom I've found in Jesus!

Thank you for showing interest in Bloom & Be Mentoring!

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- I'm passionate about bringing hope to identity, mental health, & eating disorders.

- I am a Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner.  TBRIⓇ is is an attachment-based, evidence-based, and trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of children

- I'd love to support young pastors' daughters (since I am one!)

- I recently wrote a children's book called What's Next, Papa?. Check it out on Amazon!


More About Me

- I like taking walks, roller blading, eating pasta, thrift shopping, & watching movies and reality competition shows (Pride & Prejudice & Survivor in particular lol!).

- A few years ago, I felt like God wanted me to share some encouragement, so I made some videos and called them //Mess It Up//. Click the Youtube icon for the link.

- I love to bake! If you want to donate to Bloom & Be Mentoring and get baked goods as a bonus, I'd love to make them or you and fulfill the "Bake Commission" 

Feel Free to Reach Out with Any Questions!

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